Thursday, 17 May 2018

Girls Tech Challenge

2018 Girls Tech Challenge
In Kahikatea all the girls got given the offer to do a Girls Tech challenge. Only 26 girls chose to do it out of 32 girls. Mr. A said to get into groups of 3-5 and figure out a group name. I am in a group with Eva, Aimee, Ashley, and Daina and we are called EEDAA Tech.
Creative coders Mentor Pauline Hampshire came into our class on Wednesday and she talked to us about herself and she got us to do some drawing on a piece of paper. Pauline works and lives in Auckland and she works for Cisco. Cisco is a company that you might not have heard of but 80% of the internet goes through the company

We had to write/Draw:
  1.  What was our Dream job and country? - My dream Job would be a Vet part-time and a Horse Rider/Wild Horse tamer the rest. For my dream country I put down Aotearoa.
  2.  What skill's/strengths we would need for that dream job? - Animal Experience, Technology/Computer knowledge, and the strength to not get grossed out by gross things. C.O.P.E = Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Persistence, and Empathy.
 Our Group and Mentor decided that bullying was a good app to do because a lot of kids are being bullied in New Plymouth. Daina and I are the coders, Ashley's the project manager, Eva's the researcher and Aimee's the app designer. Daina and I have been using a website called MIT App Inventor. They have all sorts of apps you can learn to code. There are starter tutorials  (if you're a beginner I recommend doing them)  and tutorials where you can code other apps that are a bit harder and cooler than the Starter tutorials are.
How to Code Links: 

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