Thursday, 17 May 2018

Girls Tech Challenge

2018 Girls Tech Challenge
In Kahikatea all the girls got given the offer to do a Girls Tech challenge. Only 26 girls chose to do it out of 32 girls. Mr. A said to get into groups of 3-5 and figure out a group name. I am in a group with Eva, Aimee, Ashley, and Daina and we are called EEDAA Tech.
Creative coders Mentor Pauline Hampshire came into our class on Wednesday and she talked to us about herself and she got us to do some drawing on a piece of paper. Pauline works and lives in Auckland and she works for Cisco. Cisco is a company that you might not have heard of but 80% of the internet goes through the company

We had to write/Draw:
  1.  What was our Dream job and country? - My dream Job would be a Vet part-time and a Horse Rider/Wild Horse tamer the rest. For my dream country I put down Aotearoa.
  2.  What skill's/strengths we would need for that dream job? - Animal Experience, Technology/Computer knowledge, and the strength to not get grossed out by gross things. C.O.P.E = Curiosity, Open-Mindedness, Persistence, and Empathy.
 Our Group and Mentor decided that bullying was a good app to do because a lot of kids are being bullied in New Plymouth. Daina and I are the coders, Ashley's the project manager, Eva's the researcher and Aimee's the app designer. Daina and I have been using a website called MIT App Inventor. They have all sorts of apps you can learn to code. There are starter tutorials  (if you're a beginner I recommend doing them)  and tutorials where you can code other apps that are a bit harder and cooler than the Starter tutorials are.
How to Code Links: 

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The Colourful kiwi

The Colourful Kiwi represents when people litter and our native animals eat the rubbish. The most highly littered rubbish in New Zealand is chip packets and plastic bags.

 We chose to do Pop art because we have never tried it before and we liked the idea of Colourful Kiwis. I did this art with my friend, Eva. If we were allowed to choose any sort of art style to do I would choose Pop art.

We decided to do this art on a canvas. The colors we used were:
Pink/Red, Fluo yellow, Fluo green, Blue and a bit of Orange. 

We hope you Like our Art. Please comment your Opinions.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Passion Project

Passion Project

Passion project is when you pick something you’re passionate about and you then take that idea and put it into a project. The project has to fit under 1 or more, of these categories. Enterprise, Globalization, Citizenship, and Sustainability. You had the choice to do it individually or to collaborate, I chose to collab with Violet.

Our Idea was to persuade the SPCA into letting us advertise the animals so the people in Taranaki can see how loving they actually by coming to the Opening day we were going to host. We had lots of trouble because When we asked North Taranaki SPCA if we could do this they said that they host an opening day every Year in  February.

We had to change our Idea and we didn’t know what to do so then Mrs. McA helped us change the idea into just advertising the Animals that have been at the SPCA for the longest.

Our success was that we gave all of the animals that we advertised homes to lovely owners.Violet and I were very grateful that Blossom and coke (the ones we advertised) got lovely homes.

If we did this again we would try and get the task done faster.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Its Flooding!

We had climbed the fence when I saw that the Trees and plants had drizzles of rain drops on them. I tried my best to not get wet by the plants because I didn't have a rain coat on. I made my way down to this little bank when I slipped and nearly fell on my bum.

I made my way to slowly down to the creek when  I grabbed a branch so I wouldn't slip. I grabbed a tall stick so I could see how deep it actually was. The water went all the way up to 3/4. I wanted to get a bit closer to see if my gumboot could touch the bottom of the creek without getting water inside. I took the step when I slipped in the mud and SPLAT! I fell in the creek, I started flowing down stream when I grabbed a branch. I was crieing because it was soo cold.

My mum said to me  "I will be right down just grab onto a branch so you don't go down stream". I pulled myself out using the branch, I was drenched and I had water coming out of my gumboots.
Mum helped me back over the fence. Once we got back up to the house I had a nice warm bath and got dressed.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Diving into Snow

I was just about to go into the magic carpet machine when I saw how fast it was going. I said to myself I can do this, I will not fall on my face. The man that was controlling it told me how to get on because my mum told the man that I was a beginner.

I didn't squat down in time so I could get on it safely so I fell on my back. He asked if I wanted get back on and have another try but I said no. I jumped off the magic carpet and went to find mum. Mum was at the back of the line with Cooper waiting to go.

We were waiting for Coopers friend who was up there at the same time as us. Cooper's friend, Jack and his mum, Bridget are pro skiiers so they sort of taught us how to skii properly. Bridget taught me how to steer, stop, slow down and move.

I thought it would be good if I had another go at the magic carpet, so I did. And I made it every single time I tried.I started becoming good at skiing. I even had a go at skiing down a steep hill. One time when I was going down a not so steep hill in happy valley (which was where we were skiing)I went a little off track and went down into the ditch where some rocks were, It was like Sooo hard trying to get back up the slope but Bridget helped me make it I made it.

One time when I was going down the hill I was going too fast and I wasn't doing the proper way to slow down. I went staright down to the ground to stop in front of everyone that were waiting for the magic carpet. Knowone laughed though, and that was actually really suprising.

 As soon as I found mum after diving into the snow, we finished skiing and went to get some food like hot chips and some drinks. I hopped out of my skiis and had my food then took off my helmet, goggles and gloves. As soon as we had finished our food we went to find Cooper and Jack to tell them we are going but we couldn't find them.

We had found cooper but Jack was the one we couldn't find. His mum Bridget was starting to get worried when he turned up out of knowhere.  We decieded that it was time to go back to the car start heading back home. By the time we saw the line to get up the elavator.

Even though I wanted to go up the elavator I didn't want to wait in the long line that went from the elavator to where you get the passes from. We decided it was best to walk up the steep way which meant climbing up a really steep hill.